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As a player, it’s up to you to decide which definition you want to believe

As a player, it’s up to <a href="">online gambling in canada</a> you to decide which definition you want to believe

Welcome bonuses are an online casino’s marketing technique to attract new players with juicy offers that are designed to convince you to make a deposit.

Welcome bonuses are an exciting feature of online casinos that let you try out new games and features while increasing your bankroll at the same time.

But the fact is that both are equally accurate since welcome bonuses are beneficial to both the player and the online casino. After all, a casino won’t hand out ?100 to you for absolutely no reason.

A welcome bonus is also the first type of bonus you’ll encounter on a new casino website. And since you’re required to sign up to receive a welcome bonus, it’s also called a sign-up bonus. A casino website can offer welcome bonuses in many ways and in many ways players can take advantage of them.

Per Cent Bonus Offer

This is the most common type of welcome bonus offer handed out by most casino websites. It’s given in the form of a percentage of the amount deposited by the player. Thus, for instance, a 30% bonus applied on a ?100 deposit will fetch ?130 in the account. Most online casinos offer bonuses below 100%, but you might come across websites offering 200% or even 300% welcome bonus.

Match Bonus Offer

If you get this type of welcome bonus, the operator will match the amount you add on your first deposit. However, just like other casino bonuses, match bonuses also have caps and limitations attached to them.

Staggered Bonus

Some welcome bonuses go beyond incentivising you to sign up to the website and make a deposit. A type of welcome bonus, staggered bonuses offer higher percentage bonuses or match bonuses on bigger deposits. In some cases, they may even offer a continually decreasing percentage or match bonuses on subsequent deposits. This way, you’ll find yourself making bigger and more deposits if you avail a staggered bonus.

  • 100% bonus on the first deposit.
  • 50% bonus on the second deposit.
  • 20% bonus on third deposit

Free cash and spins

Some casinos may just end up giving out free cash and spins to its new players. Casinos may separately offer free money or free spins on certain games, or they might even combine them into one extremely attractive offer. However, such an offer won’t come without the price of some hidden limitations in the fine print. So, watch out!

Make Your Own Bonus

While the Match Bonuses and Staggered Bonuses are quite common, there’s a chance that you’ll be given the opportunity to make your own bonus amount. This fun and lucrative bonus type lets players play with a preset amount of credit for a given amount of time.

During the time you’re allotted, you can play with the money you’re credited with and try to make as much money as you can. In the end, whatever you win becomes your welcome bonus amount, thus giving this bonus type its name.

If it’s just not your day and, instead of making your own bonus, you end up losing all the allocated credit, many online casinos will still give you a consolation prize. So if you see a “Make Your Own Bonus” on a casino page, signing up is a no-brainer. However, note that a minimum deposit will be required in order to cash in on your bonus.

Mobile Casino Welcome Bonus

Facts like “It’s difficult to play on mobile devices”, “Mobile players are at a disadvantage”, and “Mobile casinos have fewer features and bonuses” have become myths these days. As the number of people who use and play on mobile devices increases exponentially, online casinos are understanding the significance of bringing the same level of gaming experience for their mobile user base.

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